The Situation in Gaza and the Duties of States

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Ministry of Foreign Affairs,Department of International Affairs.


During the recent attacks of Zionist regime on the Gaza Strip and other occupied territories, the Regime has committed a series of crimes which have been unprecedented in 75 years of history of occupation the Palestine territories.
When an »International Crime« occurs, the perpetrator or perpetrators of this crime have two » Individual criminal responsibility« for persons and »international responsibility« for the states of those persons, simultaneously.
Also, In the attacks on Gaza, all members of the international community have certain duties in terms of International Law; because when an »International crime« occurs, that matter is not limited only between the Victim country and the wrongdoing party, but it extends to »all countries« which assumed as »victims«.
In this kind of cases »all countries« have the responsibility of » preventing crimes«,» trying to stop crimes and not supporting criminals« and » pursuing and punishing criminals« as well.