Book Review: Feminist Security Ethics in the U.N. Peacekeeping Missions: Gender, Sex, and the Postnational Defense: Militarism and Peacekeeping, by Annica Kronsell

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PhD Graduate of International Relations


As regards women situation in neighboring Afghanistan given Taliban as powers that be at 2021, there is a need to concentrate more on gender-security aspect of the developments there which the masterpiece by Annica Kronsell on 2012 has already  caught hold of it. It does not only illuminate the salience and necessity of feminist ethics of care and emphatic cooperation in international security and postnational military defense grounds and specifically the U.N. peacekeeping missions but also is a scintilla of ethical leadership indispensability in the current world, specifically with regard to the deteriorating prevalent international crises and the international organizations’ failures to dilute them, as scholarly literature has recently been aggregating on ethical leadership such as the recent one on ethical leadership in international organizations.