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The Iranian Review for UN Studies (IRUNS)
Volume 3, Issue 1, winter and spring 2020                                                  
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Implementation of ICJ Provisional Measures: An Innovative Approach to Article 78 of the Rules of the Court1
Vahid Bazzar and Heibatollah Nazhandimanesh
Merging of Green Criminology with Cultural Criminology and its Role for Confronting the Environmental Crisis in the Light of the United Nations Activities 21
Sahar Karimniya, Shahla Moazami and Tahmoores Bashiriye                                                 
Role of Corporates as Non-State Actors in supporting ongoing Responses to COVID-19 Outbreak Worldwide 51
Zahra Moshref Javadi
Modern Considerations in the Identification of Customary International Law: Reflections on the ILC’ Reports (2013-2018) & Some International Judicial Decisions..83
Shahram Zarneshan and Arefeh Rastgoo Afkham
Assassination of General Soleimani and International Law: Report of an Expert Panel Discussion 111
The Iranian Association for UN Studies