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Ius Sanguinis a Matre in Iran's Nationality Law 1
Sattar Azizi and Hossein Hosseini Mahjoob
The Decision of the International Criminal Court in the Palestine Situation: A Beginning in the Prevention of Impunity for Israeli Crimes 23
Sajjad Abbassi                                                                                                                        
Trade-Restrictive Measures on SPS Agreement: A Case Study of China's Restrictions on Trade in the Context of COVID-19 Pandemic49
Shahriar Kazemi Azar and Mahsa Yazdi
Arrest and Detention of the Iranian Diplomat: What Is the Response of International Law?.71
Ali Masoudian Varzaneh and Mohammadjavad Aghabagheri
Book Review: Feminist Security Ethics in the U.N. Peacekeeping Missions: Gender, Sex, and the Postnational Defense: Militarism and Peacekeeping, by Annica Kronsel 96
Setareh Taherkhani
رویکرد ایران در شکل‌گیری قواعد بین‌المللی عرفی در پرتو اقدامات کمیسیون حقوق بین‌الملل سازمان ملل متحد101
عبداله عابدینی و مسعود علیزاده